IoT Business Integration – Evolve to be ready for Disruption

IoT Business Integration – Evolve to be ready for Disruption

Do you want to embed IoT into new value added services inspiring your customers?

You will need communication capability in your products and a powerful integration platform, which connects, collects and analyzes data. Use the BIS IoT Solution!
Be more Flexible and Faster than your competition

Be more Flexible and Faster than your competition

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer companies enormous potential for more productivity and greater process reliability. The competitive advantages emerge from faster reaction on disruptive changes. The BIS IoT Solution lays the basis for this!
Built on solid Standards

Built on solid Standards

The BIS IoT solution supports the new Industry 4.0 – standard “OPC–Unified Architecture (OPC–UA)” and associated XML–based Companion Specifications.
This ensures secure communication and good quality of the core master data.

Implement your Industry 4.0 – Strategy step-by-step

Implement your Industry 4.0 – Strategy step-by-step

We provide experienced consulting and support you along the way.

Even if major changes occur in your environment– companies using SEEBURGER BIS IoT Solution are fully capable to adjust to those changes.

SEEBURGER IoT Solution  –

Connect the shop floor with the business IT

Digital transformation is emerging and this provides many opportunities for being more innovative than the competition; coming in 2nd means having a hard time remaining competitive long-term.  

Industry 4.0 and the (Industrial) Internet of Things called (I)IoT offer companies enormous potential for more productivity and greater process reliability. The competitive advantages emerge from faster reaction on disruptive changes. The BIS IoT solution lays the basis for this.

IoT Use Cases

The SEEBURGER IoT-Solution helps customers implementing their IoT/IIoT Integration strategy

IoT Asset – Business Integration

Bridge between the Real world of “things” and your business IT

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution builds a bridge between the “things” of the real world – products, machines, systems, – and of the digital world with its internal and external company business processes and the enterprise applications.

The BIS IoT solution is not only targeted towards companies which would like to optimize, standardize and automate internal processes via the integration of data from their shop floor with the business IT. BIS IoT is also targeted towards manufacturers, who intend to make their own products IoT capable, in order to offer value added services. The SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution makes you faster and allows more focus on individual customer needs without overstretching the business IT.


  • Provisioning of enriched and context related data of products and machines for planning and development  
  • Make relevant feedback and required data  an integral part of your service processes
  • Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for goods on the shelf and on the move which give you complete transparency on timing, location, lot sizes and other conditions


Connect Shopfloor with the Topfloor

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Horizontal and vertical IoT Integration

Make it happen – Update your manufacturing IT to Industry 4.0 / Open industry standards (OPC-UA) enable information logistics

Open industry standards (OPC-UA) enable information logistics 

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution offers the technical foundation for all data integration tasks with its modeling and integration options as well as a comprehensive set of communication adapters. This includes standardized data models (e.g. AutomationML) and communication paths (e.g. SOAP) as well as the adjustment to application specific templates or standards provided by the business partner.

The BIS IoT solution translates the proprietary interfaces of products, machines and systems into uniform, standardized OPC UA compatible interfaces. It enriches the normal information flow (ERP, MES, SPS) with process and engineering data between the Shop- and Top Floor.

Some real examples which SEEBURGER made happen:

Information logistics for adaptive manufacturing

For a commissioned production a complete Track & Trace of product and process data is key. A globally acting medium-sized company recognized early on the need for continuous digitalization based on digital objects of the products, processes and resources through the entire life cycle from the planning to the execution. SEEBURGER BIS has become the hub for engineering data in the production (Engineering Data Hub) tracking all adjustments and states of the resources automatically. There is full transparency of involved resources and products.

RFID-based intralogistics

Since more than 10 years an international leading supplier leverages the SEEBURGER integration competence for RFID based production. It is following KANBAN achieving an extremely efficient flow of materials. The networking and automation of production, the traceability of products as well as the permanent monitoring of the production processes are mirroring the production process into the digital world. Synchronized with service and delivery capacity this results in fast reaction times and a very high availability.

Human-machine interaction in manufacturing  

Cooperating robotics applications are very flexible and scalable automation solutions but they require continuous data integration and exchange solutions between Shop floor and Top floor.  SEEBURGER BIS ensures the flow of information between process control, machine control and monitoring systems and makes the information available to the employee directly via mobile devices. Apart from the middleware functions, security mechanisms such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) are the focus of Shop floor integration.



Connect Shop floor with the Top floor

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IoT Service Orchestration and Analytics

Aggregate streaming data to gain trigger business decisions

The flexible adjustment of information logistics as well as the monitoring for decision making is supported by the Business Integration Suite via tools for process design, monitoring and evaluations.

The solution includes:

  • Integration and analysis of batch and streaming data
  • Connecting data warehouses for Big Data analysis
  • Provisioning of information models for gathering and analysis of the data flow
  • Including standard solution templates for monitoring and steering of IoT business processes


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Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS IoT Solution

IoT-Integration and IoT-Management with the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

BIS IoT Gateway and the BIS IoT Management connect the business levels with the real world product and machine levels. Proprietary interfaces are thereby converted into standard formats in order to set a solid base for various integration projects.

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT Gateway collects and stores data from IoT devices, device management or control systems, makes them available to applications at the planning and administration levels and offers functions for analysis and process control.

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT Management bundles a number of web–based applications for the management of APIs and services of the IoT devices in production lines or out in the field. It offers tailored role–based features for asset and process data management, configuration, monitoring and analysis.

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Benefits of the SEEBURGER BIS IoT Solution

Drive your company forward towards Industry 4.0 with SEEBURGER IoT Gateway and IoT Management

  • Offers transparency 
    Integrated logging enables a complete information chain for all aspects of manufacturing. From the planning over the management systems to the execution on the shop floor.

  • Keep it simple through open Industry standards
    A comprehensive set of adapters connects data-storing systems across various access protocols. The data (e.g. based on OPC-UA) flows to integrated backend applications. 

  • Synergies through application integration
    Data integration and exchange takes place a part of automated process or depending on schedules – applications like ERP, MES, PLM are involved without media discontinuities. Top and shop floor work together.
  • Security and Compliance
    IT security is in place on all levels through encryption, certificates and governance tools. Optimal protection means a great step towards compliance.

  • Control and Analysis
    Creation, administration and monitoring of the business nodes and Services is easy. Asset Information Management (AIM) and Big Data analysis functions for batch and streaming data are available.

  • Protect your investment
    The openness and scalability makes you flexible as BIS can be used for multiple integration scenarios.  As a result, BIS offers a high level of investment security and a low TCO.

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